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In the past Mia was part from a Dance Group with lot of tours around Europe. Latter on has taken part from musical operas and performing on stages as a singer in the ”Theater of Dortmund”.
Her first official EP is in 2010 named as “Hear the Silence”.
Now she regularly works as Music Coach with a degree from the Jazz Academy in Dortunt and CTV Institute. She mainly gives private and public lessons for rhythm and lyrics to children.
Many collaborations with artists such as: Pier-O, Marie Therese, STJ, Photo in Lounge, Mark Newport, etc. has appeared on more than 200 worldwide compilations with single releases that achieved very good ratings from the wide audience.

Mia’s first official SINGLE RELEASE called “Colourful Life” – Unigue original music in lounge & chillout genre, that warm up your heart. “Colourful Life“ is a story about Life colored with deep emotions of Joy and Love. “Colourful Life“ is a single release which contains the “rap version“ featuring artist Joao and two more remixes in collaboration world famous artists Photo in Lounge and Mark Newport.

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