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The music of Macedonian band Ljubojna is music of exploration. During the 15 years of its existence, the band has passed through several stages with several changes in the lineup, and that resulted in five stylistically different records. “This thirst for exploration caused a fierce turnover in our lives, when we were deciding, each for himself, and then together, that music is what we could live most sincerely and what we could witness most faithfully. The same feeling of love and exploration joined us into a successful team. Somehow there was this feeling of necessity for a group of people to join hands together and the result of that would be something that will be a creation of the new sounds of Macedonian music. By that I don’t refer to the so called “ethnic” music, but to the real Macedonian popular contemporary music scene. The music grew as our intentions grew. All of the band’s phases can be found on each of the releases. During that period Ljubojna did not made changes to its line up, but it built it, and that resulted into three line-ups: chalgia, acoustic-electric rock lineup and the brass fantasy.

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