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Maria Greissner (artist name Marie Therese) was born in Salzburg and was inspired by musicians such as Tosca, Vargo, Polished Crome or Blank & Jones.

Since 2008, Marie Therese composes with much feelings and passion for her electronic lounge pieces. Faithful to the philosophy of ‘Music is the melody to the world of the text’ (Arthur Schopenhauer), Marie Therese creates wonderful sound experiences that are enriching for any music library.

In addition to her albums “Sweet Fruits to Chill”, “Summer Fruits to Chill”, “Feel It”, “Garden Of Peace”, “White Air” and “Space Chill”, there are numerous Single Releases and Compilations where here music is included, through labels such as Free Music Records (FBM), Ideal chill, Furthermore, M-Sol Records, Karmaloft – Ibiza… She also produces soundtracks for commercial needs and Companies.
“Many beautiful stories of people I had meet as a therapist, they have inspired me to bring these feelings in my sounds. I thank to all these wonderful people and I thank to You” – says Maria.

Her soft jazzy style, mixed up with ambient and soul elements makes her music adorable and very easy listening. Total relaxation for every moment!

Listen her latest works: SPOTIFY

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