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MISSION BROWN (aka Stephen Brown) is a piano player, composer and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He began writing and recording music in the early eighties encouraged by the revolution in electronic keyboards and at the availability of home recording machines. Influenced by bands such as Tangerine Dream, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd and Ultravox, instrumentals were a staple production. Although dabbling in some live performances, music writing and production was primarily a hobby.
A great leap forward came with the advent of computerized Digital Audio Workstations and virtual instruments. This has provided a platform to produce high quality music on a home computer. Brooding instrumental Chill-out and Lounge tracks with a touch of jazz are Stephen’s main genres. Some works have appearances from musicians in Germany and America. The saxophone is a prominent instrument, somewhat as a tribute to his father who himself was an accomplished musician. Stephen’s work, under the moniker Mission Brown SRB, has featured on shows such as Guido’s Lounge Café, The Chill Zone, Ocean Chilled Radio.

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