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The unique Electro-acoustic sound of the band Tonica Rara from Russia, is characterized by intimacy, elegance and sometimes erotic of vocal parts.


Tonica Rara – Russian music band from the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, which music can be attributed to genres like latino lounge, chillout, deep house.

The group’s name combines the musical term “tonic” and the name of headliner that consonant with it as well as the Latin word (“rara” – rare, unusual).

Hispanic concept of group was caused by previous experience of concert performances in the Latin American style and passion of Hispanic culture by musicians.

It is remarkable that all of songs are written in Spanish although neither member of this group is a native speaker.

In compositions they use authentic elements of singing and folk instruments adapted to the trends of modern music.

The Electro-acoustic sound of band is characterized by intimacy, elegance and sometimes erotic of vocal parts and atmospheric and depth of arrangements as a meditative compositions in the mid-tempo as dance.


  • In 2012 Tonica Rara debuted with the release of the composition “Buen Sueño” and soon in cooperation with DJ V.
  • Parfenov recorded the song “Te Espero” which received wide public acclaim and hot rotation on radio stations in 148 cities of Russia. This song become popular among DJs as evidenced by regularly appearing remixes.
  • In 2014 the band made a video for their song “Semejante” which was released on the Ello channel and received positive feedback not only Russian, but also foreign audiences.
  • In 2016 Tonica Rara released their debut album “Canto” in Argentina and now compositions of this EP are included in the collections of deep music in different countries.


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