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Victoria Loba was born in Russia, and earlier as child, when she was 8 years old, Victoria with her family moved from Russia to Macedonia.
She is present in the music scene and TV stations in Macedonia since early age.
When she was 15 years old, Victoria represented Macedonia in the first child Euro-vision Song Contest in 2003, in Denmark, Copenhagen.
In 2004, she has won 1st prize award, and she was honored with the Golden Bachelor of vocal singer in the Senior Group at the International festival “Wind rose” (Roza vetrov) held in Moscow-Russia
From 2008 to 2010 Victoria was front man and lead vocal of the Macedonian group “Tumbao Salsa Band” that performs Brazilian, Portuguese and Cuban music, at the same time she was constantly present on television screens with the musical show “Cotton Club” on Alpha TV under the auspices of “Tumbao Salsa Band”.
In 2010, the most famous event “Golden Ladybug of popularity” (Златна бубамара на популарноста)” declared Victoria Loba for “Discovery of the Year”.
Two years in a row, both in 2011 and 2012 , she has performed at the summer festival “Love and Happiness” in Ohrid, Macedonia as a special guest star.
She has been working on her solo career for many years.
In 2011, at the International festival in Macedonia “Ohrid Fest” in 2011 she won 2nd prize award in pop night, and 3rd award in the international evening, with the song “Nine things” (“Devet raboti”).
Makfest is the most prestigious Macedonian music festival of modern pop/rock songs. Makfest 2012 was opened by Victoria Loba’s song “Pocuvstvuvaj Go Ritamot” (Feel the Rhythm) and it was the official song of Makfest 2012.
In 2013, with the last hit “Summer Love” she climbed at the first place of Dutch top European list for young talent, Spinnin’ Records, and remained on that position for long time.
In 2014, at the international festival in Macedonia “Makfest” Victoria won award for the Best performance with the song “Samo moj”.
Her songs are constantly on the top positions of Macedonian pop lists.
Until now, she has more than 400 concerts and public appearances behind her.

Victoria has experience as actress, as well. In 2007 she played the main role in the drama Lolita by Nabokov in the Macedonian drama theater.
Also, she has participated in TV commercials, such as TV commercial for the Company “One Telecommunications” and “Pelisterka” – company for mineral water. Further, she participated in a campaign organized by the Government for prevention of drug abuse.

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