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DreamCloud – Sky Spirit & Wav-E (album)

M-Sol Records » DreamCloud – Sky Spirit & Wav-E (album)

DreamCloud – Sky Spirit & Wav-E (album)

DreamCloud – Sky Spirit & Wav-E (album)

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“DreamCloud” is 8 tracks album produced by two amazing artists Wav-E & Sky Spirit, by creating deep, ambient, electronic tracks with sensual melodies and warm atmosphere. Their history is connected with music production for TV documentaries & commercials, but finally appear on the main ambient/chill/electronic scene with their first official album. No one can stand still while listening to it without experiencing different dimensions within our deep universes…

About the artists:
 Sky Spirit (rn Zharko Atkovski) had his first contact with electronic music in the mid 90s, fascinated by this sound he took his first steps in producing. He mainly produces ambiental and easy listening-melodic tracks mixed up with electronic vibes and soft vocals. In the early 2000’s he made his first promo CD, which had been played on the Macedonian radio station Kanal 103 and had very good success. Beside producing he also plays as a DJ known by the name “Khazar” already 10 years, mainly on massive festivals in the country and abroad. Being an amazing technician behind the decks, he is often a part of large festivals and parties like the Greatest Hits festivasl – the most visited resident festivals in Macedonia with over 10000 guests, Cafe Del Skopje pt.2, Cafe Del Ohrid and Dojran Summer Festival. Played with Jim Masters, Fransois K, DJ Balthazar, Concrete DJz, Marko Nastic, Dave Mothersole, DJ Lucca, Tomcraft, he also had a few special appearances, the Happy New Year 2008 Burn Festival and the Love Dimension festival playing a set after DJ Katya.

Branko Stojanovski (Wav-E) is a Macedonian music producer who lives and works in Austria. He was born in Goettingen (Germany). At the age of ten he started to play piano and since than he was involved in the classical and modern electronic music. His special music style of electronic elements wisely incorporated into classical harmonies, in the genre of ambient, chill but also house music makes this artist unique. Aside of music production for massive audience, he creates specialized music for Videos and Movies. Ethno elements and vocals are also part of his music, but all of all, this artist is always connected with “good piano melody”. He has already many releases on labels such as Recovery House, Ecstasy Records, Elements Of Life, House Of House and many other established labels…

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