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Travel & Living Lounge Vol.3

M-Sol Records » Travel & Living Lounge Vol.3

Travel & Living Lounge Vol.3

Travel & Living Lounge Vol.3

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Price: €9.99

Relax in the comfort of special selected Chillout & Lounge Music by Marga Sol. Traveling trough LIFE is a way of living…

Wonderful Music included from great names such as: Nacho Sotomayor, Skyezz, Marga Sol, Marie Therese, Island Sun, Airstream, Prana Tones, Pier-O, Vibraphile, Frank Borell, Sami Sivananda, Red Chameleon, Living Room.
Give a better sound of your Life with “Travel & Living Lounge” editions, ’cause LIFE can be a Wonderful Journey!

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